Germinating Seeds – 5 Tips for Beginners

5 Tips For Beginners For Germinating Seeds Of course, you can get ready-grown seedlings from the hardware store. But those who like to experiment let the seeds germinate themselves either vegetable seeds or fruit seeds. Whether you were born with or without a green thumb, if you pay attention to a few basic things when …

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Soil Vs. Cocopeat

Soil-Vs-Cocopeat Why Soil is been replace by Cocopeat Potting soil is easily available and use, but it has its own drawbacks. It often does not drain well and cause plant/ seed damage. An alternative is coco peat soil. Planting in cocopeat has numerous benefits. Cocopeat soil is made of pith inside the coconut husk. It …

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How to Grow Seeds

How To Grow Seeds Primary steps for germination. 1. Material Required. a) Seeds b) Germination Tray c) Cocopeat d) Spatula e) Spray Bottle to moist your Germination Tray 2. Seed Packet: Take any seed packet ordered from The Leaf And Clay. 3. Use Germination TrayTake a Germination Tray(4 holes), and fill with the Cocopeat(recommend to use …

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