How to Grow Seeds

How To Grow Seeds

Primary steps for germination.

1. Material Required.

a) Seeds

b) Germination Tray

c) Cocopeat

d) Spatula

e) Spray Bottle to moist your Germination Tray

2. Seed Packet:

Take any seed packet ordered from The Leaf And Clay.

3. Use Germination Tray
Take a Germination Tray(4 holes), and fill with the Cocopeat(recommend to use the Cocopeat purchased from The Leaf And Clay to see the difference). Fill all the holes with 3/4’th Cocopeat. Use germination tray only for seeds that require seedling method, for regular sowing you can use “Pot Germination Method

4. Make Holes.
Make a small hole from your Index finger in all 4 cells of the germination tray

5. Spread Seeds Uniformly.
Spread the full seed packet uniformly in all 4 cells for easy and successful germination. (Kindly purchase the seeds packet accordingly so that all your seeds germinate)

6. Use Spatula.
Add a little cocopeat to cover the seeds with a light hand. Do not press seeds and the upper layer of cocopeat

7. Use Spray Bottle.
Spray little water with the help of a spray bottle to keep the cocopeat moist for germination.

After a week (7 days) you will see the seedling. Wait till they grow more.

9. Pot Plantation
Shift the seedling from germination tray to pot after 1 month. Kindly ensure to keep the cocopeat moist. Do not spray water on an everyday basis, water is only required if the cocopeat is completely dried. Cocopeat holds the moister for long hence it requires less water. Excessive watering may kill your plant or seeds.

Shifting a seedling from germination tray to pot requires precaution so that your plant may grow well. Stay informative with us on “How to shift the seedling to pot” in our upcoming blog.

Soil Vs. Cocopeat

January 2, 2021
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