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Coco Peat Block (650 GMS)


Coco Peat Block (650 GMS)- Expands up to 3-4 KG powder

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Coco Peat Powder


Coco Peat Powder is used for Germination of Seed. Coco Peat when added to Soil, allows aeration of roots. Coco Peat also cures the problem of overwatering in potted plants. Coco Peat reduces the Curling of Leaves due to overwatering as well. Generally, it can be mixed in an equal proportion with Vermicompost and Garden …

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Coir Pith Block [Soil less Media for plants] (4.5 Kg)


It is also known as coir dust, Coco peat, coir fiber pith. It has high water holding capacity and filled porosity which make it an idle growing medium for the plant. These are light in weight so it bring down weight of growing medium & retain more moisture. Compare to normal soil Coco peat is …

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