Re Usable Seed Germination Box (With 24 Cell)


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The Leaf & Clay’s Reusable Germination/Seedling Tray is made of premium quality plastic for gardening seedling reusable and extra strength for planting seedlings, durable for more than five year. The size of one tray: 30.0 cm x 25.0 cm x 7.0 cm. It is economical and reusable, and are relied upon by professional growers for premium-quality plants. This tray is perfectly sized for starting flowers, herbs, and vegetable seedlings like tomatoes and cucumbers. It can be regular use for germination of all Flower & vegetable seeds to grow their seedlings. This Reusable Seedling/Germination have 24 square cells with drainage holes & transparent cover so that light can easily reached inside the Green House.
The Seedling in this tray are easy to carry around & can be transported from one place to another without harming the plants. Easy to move seedlings indoor and outdoor as per the growing requirements of plants. To ensure best buying experience
Fill the cells with The Leaf And Clay Cocopeat Powder, add seeds and water.
Now Get Your Dream Garden Started: Get your dream garden with The Leaf And Clay Reusable Seedling/Germination Tray for seeds germination. You can finally start working towards your dream garden prevent transplant shock.

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Important things to know when planting with this Green House: The Leaf & Clay Reusable Germination Tray is with
1) Transparent Cover fitted to Green House.
2) Disease-free organic seed Germination media for two refills,
3) Take one seed packet. Fill the 1/10 part of cells with good garden soil than 3/4 part with our organic media for better germination. Keep 5-6 seeds on this media and cover the seeds with media. Spray the water with a spray bottle till water starts draining from the drainage hole. Now place the transparent cover tightly, it creat a moist climate and maintain temperature for better seed germination. Now place the Green House in a place with surplus provision of sunlight like on a windowsill. Grow lights are another option that can replace this. It can provide the heat and light that you need for germination to be initiated. open the box every day for one hour and spray limited water on the surface to moist the germination media. Uncovered the Box permanently after 2-4 days as seedling appear on the surface. The seedlings in this Green House can be planted for about 15-20 days and transplanted into the field or another pot after attaining optimum root development. Once the plant has outgrown its container, you may need to transfer it to a larger pot. This will give the root ball a more spacious room for them to grow. However, if the plant is not transplanted, it may suffer from poor health conditions.

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Variation Available

Single Tray – Rs.300, Set of 3 Trays – Rs.870, Set of 6 Tray – Rs.1680