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To stay healthy, most plants require an adequate amount of sunlight, water and nutrient-rich soil. Apart from this, you would need pots, plant food and good quality seeds to begin your farming journey. The L&C’s rooftop organic farming kit contains a wide range of products to get you started.

Organic gardening is a gardening method which avoids use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It uses biological fertilizers and eco-friendly pesticides. You don’t need a large or ground level outdoor space to build your own organic garden. Rooftops or Balconies are an ideal place to start gardening.

The Kit contains:
(A) Micro Green Seeds :

1. Spinach Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams
2. Coriander Khushboo Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams
3. Choulai(Amaranthus) Green Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams
4. Spring Onion Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams
5. Methi Multicut Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams
6. Choulai(Amaranthus) Red Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams

(B)Manure & Fertilizers :

(1) Enriched Organic Potting Soil Mix ( 4.950 Kg pkt) – It is a complete potting mix for all Gardening plants, hence no need of adding anything else in Pot for the smooth growing of plants. It is completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It Contains -Coco Peat, Multi Micronutrients Fertilizers, TRICONTANOL GR 0.05%, Mycorrhizal Biofertilizers, Multi Micro Nutrient Fertilizer in Chelated Form, Green Booster(Growth & Yield Enhancer),Exfoliated Vermiculite(Horticulture Grade), Exfoliated Perlite (Horticulture Grade),Bio-Extract Organic Fertilizers(GR), The blend of various beneficial bacteria like nitrogen fixers (Azotobacter and Azospirillium), phosphate solubilizes and potash mobilizers & much more to give complete nutrient to plants.
(2) Organic Enriched Vermi Compost (4.950 Kg pkt) -It improve soil texture, improve physical condition of soil and makes poor soil usable by improves soil aeration, root growth and structure.
(3) Neem Cake Organic Fertilizer-1 Pkt (950 Grams) -It is an excellent Organic Fertilizer & and also acts as pest repellent for all plants. It contain high level of Neem’s active ingredient “Azadirachtin which protects the root of plant from Nematodes, termites, fungi, bacteria & other soil -born disease
(4) Mustard Cake Powder–-1 Pkt (950 Grams)– It is rich source of Nitrogen and good source of both Potassium and Phosphorus. It is also good source of Sulphur, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc.

( C ) Organic Fungicide & Pesticides :

(1) 100% Organic Fungicide- Tricoderma Viridi 1% WP & Pseudomonas- 0.5% WP-
(2) BIO PESTICIDES(Bacillus Thuringlensis Var.Kurtsaki 5% WP
(3) Neem Oil Pesticide [250 ml]- This is neem oil based EC containing AZADIRACHTIN 0.03% W/W min. This bio-pesticide acts as contact, systemic and insect growth regulator. Acts as Antifeedant, Repellant, Sterilant, Eco-friendly Bio-Pesticide without any residual effect and does not allow pests to develop resistance
Frequent sprays can be given as prophylactic measure (Dosage: Dissolve @ 5 ml of Multi Neem in 1 Liter of Water and Spray on plants.)

(D) Micro Green 300 GSM Fabric Grow Bag -6 Unit (Length-10 Inch,Breath-10 Inch,Height-6 Inch) :

These Fabric Grow Bags are High Quality Eco Friendly Grow Bags of 300 GSM made with Recycled PET, allow root aeration and prevent roots circling or stunted growth. During the heat of summer and/or in direct sunlight our grow bags regulate temperature due to their breathable quality. Excess heat is able to escape from all sides of the grow bag. Promotes aeration, air pruning, and regulates temperature. Since these terrace garden bags are porous in nature, they prevent over watering and water stagnation as excess water drains out.

( E ) Gardening Tools – Set of 5-Garden Tools  :

Weeder, Cultivator, Big Hand Trowel, Small Hand Trowel & Garden Fork. This is a complete garden toolset for all your gardening needs. These specially designed tools are perfect to maintain a healthy and attractive garden. Metal parts of this tool are coated for protection from rust and may come in any available color and the handle of this tool is specially designed for better grip.

(F) Accessories :

1. Gardening gloves Orange-1 Unit

2. Spray Bottle (30ml) – 1 unit

3.Garden Pressure Spray Pump-1 Ltr 6.Gardening Scissor-1 Unit.


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Growing vegetables like tomato, Chilly, Corianders, lady’s finger, bitter gourd, and more with organic products are a source for pesticide-free vegetables and foods for your family. A variety of easy-care vegetables and fruits available through rooftop organic farming kit are a great way to begin rooftop gardening. While some plants welcome the light and warmth of the sun, some prefer to grow in the shade. You can create two separate spaces in the rooftop by allotting one section for shade-loving plants. You can use shade nets through which adequate amount of sunlight will pass.

Although rooftops allow for a lot of gardening and organic farming options, there is a right way to do it. A rooftop organic farming kit offered by The TL&C can make the task simple and help you explore a wide range of possibilities.

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