BASF- SEFINA INSECTICIDE (Afidopyropen 50 g/L DC )

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Technical Content: Inscalis (New Active Ingredient)
Description: Control key insects like Jassids and Whiteflies (early instar nymphs and adults) with Sefina, the latest insecticide by BASF. With its new mode of action, Sefina gives farmers a new and powerful tool to combat resistance as part of the integrated pest management program.
Sefina, powered by BASF’s new active ingredient InscalisTM, is the first of its kind from a new chemical class – Pyropenes. InscalisTM is a pioneer solution that has been classified by the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) as the only member in the new mode of action subgroup 9D.


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Mode of Action:
The chordotonal organs, present in insects but not in other class of animals, are the biological stretch sensors. InscalisTM acts selectively on these stretch sensors, causing the insects to be deaf, disoriented and uncoordinated and eventually stop feeding and die from dehydration and starvation.
Benefits of using Sefina
Novel mode of action for faster and exceptional control of Jassids and Whiteflies (both adults & early instar nymphs)
Best choice for resistance management
The product comes with a unique formulation and inbuilt penetrant that ensures proper spread and efficacy of the product on the plant after spraying
Good plant growth, quality cotton
Reduced viral transmission & fresh vegetables
Dosage: 2 mL per liter of water

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