Bayer Nativo® Tebuconazole 50%+ Trifloxystrobin 25% w/w WG (75 WG)


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Nativo is a new combination fungicide containing Tebuconazole and Trifloxystrobin. Nativo is a systemic broad-spectrum fungicide with protective and curative action which offers not only a disease control but also improves quality and yield of crop. In rice, it improves the yield quality by reducing incidence of dirty panicle in later crop stages.

In tomato, Nativo protects foliage from early blight, enhances plant health and lays a strong platform for higher and quality yield. Timely application of Nativo has excellent efficacy for managing mango powdery mildew and anthracnose diseases, which leads to high and quality yield of mango. Nativo protects the flag leaf of wheat from yellow rust and powdery mildew and contributes to improving the yield and quality of grains.


Ebuconazole is dimethylase inhibitor (DMI) -interferes in process of building the structure of fungal cell wall. Finally it inhibits the reproduction and further growth of fungus.

Trifloxystrobin interferes with respiration in plant pathogenic fungi. Nativo is recommended to be applied at early appearance of disease.

Crop Target Disease
Rice Sheath blight, Leaf blast & Neck blast, Glume discolouration (dirty panicle)
Tomato Early blight
Powdery mildew, anthracnose
Yellow rust, powdery mildew

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