Calendula Fiesta Gitana Orange ( Minimum 50 Seeds)


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Seeds per Packet-Minimum 20 Seeds.


Glowing as if a hint at the power within each radiant bloom, calendula has healed, soothed, and held pestilence at bay for hundreds of years. ‘Orange King’ is an old-fashioned variety from the early 1920s with bright orange petals. Snap off the faded flowers for continued bloom, or cut often, for it is useful and beautiful.  It is good to grow potted plants. Prepare the pots with fertile soil or potting mix & Vermicompost before sowing. Germination in a Week. We recommend you to plant in a medium-size pot with a good ‘Potting Mix’. If you are planting in soil, add ‘Vermicompost’, ‘Neem Cake Powder’ & Multi-Nutrient Mix for better germination & growth.


Sunlight: Full Sun Light
Water: In 1-2 times a week
Sowing Method: Seedling
Seasonal Information- Winter
Sowing Time: Sow when the night temperature is 20-30 degrees C
Full SunlightFull Sunlight

Full sunlight


Winter season

In 1-2 times a week


Season: Winter

Time: Sow when the night temperature is 20-30 degrees C




Calendula Fiesta Gitana Orange

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