Carrot Red Beauty NM PACK (50 GRAMS Seeds)


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Seeds per Packet-Minimum 30 Seeds

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The carrot is the most loved part of a healthy diet. You can grow carrots all year round. Just sow carrot seed regularly for a year-round crop.
carrots can be grown in beds, containers, and even window boxes making them suitable for gardens of any size. Carrots are a popular root vegetable that is easy to grow in sandy soil. They are resistant to most pests and diseases. Carrots are mature at around 2 and half months and half an inch in diameter. You may harvest whenever desired maturity is reached.
We recommend you to plant in a medium-size pot with a good ‘Potting Mix’. In case you are planting in soil, do add ‘Vermicompost’, ‘Neem Cake Powder’ & Multi-Nutrient Mix for better germination & growth.

Sunlight: Full Sun Light.
Water: 1-2 times in a week & In Summer: Alternate-day
Seasonal Information- Winters
Harvest – 6-7 Weeks
Full/Partial SunlightFull/Partial Sunlight

Full Sunlight.


1-2 times a week

Summer and Rainy, Jan-JulySowing Season



ReapReap Time

6-7 weeks


Carrot Red Beauty NM PACK

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