Cluster Bean-Guar Pusa Navbahar -Seeds( ग्वार पूसा नवबहार )


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Seeds per Packet-Minimum 30 Seeds

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Germination in a week and can be harvested in 7 weeks.
We recommend you to plant in a Medium size pot with good ‘Potting Mix’. In case you are planting in soil, do add ‘Vermicompost’, ‘Neem Cake Powder’ & Multi Nutrient Mix for better germination & growth.

Sunlight: Full/Partial Sun Light
Water: In 2-3 Day
Seasonal Information- Summer And Rainy, Jan-July
Harvest – 7 weeks
Full/Partial SunlightFull/Partial Sunlight

Full/Partial Sunlight.


2-3 days

Summer and Rainy, Jan-JulySowing Season



ReapReap Time

7 weeks