Drip Irrigation Garden Watering Kit for 25 Plants


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The Leaf & Clay Garden Store is happy to present, small, easy-to-use and affordable Gravity Powered Dripkit for home gardens or terrace gardens.
This kit is useful for all those who has wish to grow vegetables within premises. One can use terrace or land near house for vegetable or flower cultivation. By using this you can get nutritious vegetables which are grown in front of you with good quality of water and fertilizers.
This kit is sold as ready to use kit, which can be easily installed.
Now a days when crop demand is increasing exponentially with population growth and agricultural land is getting converted to
non-agriculture, vegetable prices are touching to sky. The Leaf & Clay Garden Store Kit helps you to grow your own vegetables efficiently in a small place available in your courtyard, balcony or terrace.
In addition to this water scarcity is increasing and plants need water so drip is the solution to save water and provide in required quantity with fertigation facility to grow better and more. It is available in combination of 10,25,50 & 100 plants Watering Kit.
Easy to install and maintenance free washable drippers.
It operated on direct connection to Tap, commonly available in
all households.

S No         ITEM                                                                       QTY
1        2 LPH DRIPPER                                                           25 PCS
2      16MM MAIN SUPPLY PIPE                                        15 MTR
3      16MM MAIN LINE CONNECTOR                            03 PCS
4       16MM CONTROL VALVE                                          03 PCS
5       16 MM MAIN LINE ELBOW CONNCETOR          03 PCS
6       16MM MAIN LINE TEE CONNECTOR                  03 PCS
7       16MM END CAP RING                                              03 PCS
8       04MM FEEDER PIPE                                                15 MTR
9       04MM FEEDER PIPE CONNECTOR                      12 PCS
10     04MM TEE CONNECTOR                                          5 PCS
11      04MM PUNCHING TOOL                                         01 PCS
12     04MM END PLUG                                                         5 PCS
13     12 CM DRIPPER HOLDING STICK                          25PCS
14     20 CM MAIN LINE HOLDING STICK                    05 PCS
15 Dummy (For closing any unwanted hole in main supply line) 05 PCS

Drip Irrigation Garden Watering Kit for 25 Plants

Pack of 1@ Rs.650/-, Pack of 5@ Rs.3000/-