Multiplex-Green Booster (Growth & Yield Enhancer)

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It is a mixture containing all major nutrients derived from an organic source which is enriched with Humic acid, Fulvic acid, and Amino acid. All these ingredients are blended and convert in the form of shiny black beads. It supplies the major nutrients, Humic acid, Fulvic acid, and Amino acids. Humic acid improves the hormonal activity of the plants and metabolism of Soil microorganisms & enhances the soil nutrient uptake and soil physical properties. The Fulvic acid acts as catalysis enzymatic activities and metabolism within the plant system. The Amino acid increases photosynthetic activity in plants which is responsible for flower initiation and fruit set thereby increasing the yield of crops.

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Apply @ 2 kg of Multiplex Green Booster per acre at the time of land preparation or before transplantation. It can be applied to all Agriculture, Horticulture, and Plantation crops.

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