Gulmohar -Delonix Regia ( Minimum 10 Seeds )


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Gulmohar (Delonix regia ) is native to Madagascar and is a very popular flowering plant all over the world.
It is a quick growing tree and attracts bees and butterflies. These are very beautiful and unique plants that deserve to be better known in horticulture.


Soak seeds for a minimum of 48 hours before seeding/soiling in sprouting bags/trays.

Pretreatment: Seeds are placed in boiling water and allowed to soak for 5 days or soak the seed in cold water for 10 days.

Nursery Technique: Pretreated seeds are sown in polybags, and germination commences within 20 to 25 days. Four-month-old seedlings are planted eternal.

Usually grows to a modest height (mostly 5 meters, but it can reach a maximum height of 12 meters) but spreads widely, and its dense foliage provides full shade.
it sheds its leaves during the drought, but in other areas, it is virtually evergreen. You can cut the branches and shape the tree as per your requirements at every growing stage to suit the planting location/garden/pathway. You can sprout the seeds separately and replant them into the soil when the sapling turned into 2-3 leaves or sprout the seeds directly in the garden.

Gulmohar Seeds

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