Godrej – Fipronil 5% SC (Harina)

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Product Specifications: Godrej Agrovet Fipronil 5% SC
It is recommended to control insects like stem borer, brown, planthopper, Green Leaf, Cabbage thrips, Alphids Anf Fruit Borer In Chillis, Early Shoot Borer And Root Borer In Sugarcane And Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, White Fly Borer and Bllworm In Cotton Crop.

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Manufacturing Or Marketing Company NameGodrej Agrovet Limited
Common NameInsecticide
Physical ConditionLiquid
Mode Of FormulationEmulifiable
Available Chemical Compounds As Active IngredientsFipronil
Concentration Of Avl Chemical Compounds As Actv Ingredients5



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