Liquid Bio NPK Culture( Root & Yield Enhancer)


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This is a blend of various beneficial bacteria like nitrogen fixers (Azotobacter and Azospirillium), phosphate solubilizers, and potash mobilizers. It converts unavailable forms of nitrogen, phosphorus & potash fertilizers in the soil to available forms for plants uptake.
It helps in fixing nitrogen, solubilizing and mobilizing Phosphorus and potassium respectively, and increasing crop yield.
It helps in better utilization of applied major plant nutrients.

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Direction for Use:
Mix 2.5 ML Liquid Bio NPK Culture in 1.0 Litre of water & spread near the root zone of the Plant during Morning/Evening Hours. Sufficient Soil Moisture at the time of spraying ensures quick proliferation of microbes. Repeat the same quantity of spray after 20 days.

Available Units

250 ML – RS.140, 500 ML – RS.250