Low EC Coco Peat Block [Soil less Media for plants] (4.5 Kg)


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It is also known as coir dust, Coco peat, coir fiber pith. It has high water holding capacity and filled porosity which make it an idle growing medium for the plant. These are light in weight so it bring down weight of growing medium & retain more moisture. Compare to normal soil Coco peat is odorless and pleasant in handle. Using Coco peat no need to water daily since it has excellent water holding capacity.

It is in Compressed block about 4.5 Kg in weight which like solid brick. Soak it in water and it expands up to 20-25 Kg. Converting Coir pith to Coco powder is easy, you just add sufficient water to block to get sufficient cocopeat soil. If you need to expand the whole block select a large tub which can hold 25 liters if water and soak the coir pith block in water for few minutes and can break pith in powder by your hand. Coco Peat when added to Soil, allows aeration of roots. Coco Peat also cures the problem of over watering in potted plants. Coco Peat reduces the Curling of Leaves due to over watering as well. Generally it can be can be mixed in 1:1:1 proportion with vermicompost and Garden Soil while preparing potting mix for planting. It can be used as Soil less medium with vermicompost and Garden Soil.

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Low EC Coco Peat Block [Soil less Media for plants] (4.5 Kg)

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