Micro Green Seed Combo of 12 Varieties


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Beginner’s micro green kit, contain 12 kitchen garden packets of exotic micro green seeds &

Micro-Leaf vegetables are harvested at a very young and tender stage in the growing process, usually at cotyledon or first true leaf stage. Full of nutrients and very attractive. Use for salads and sandwiches. Growing micro-leaf are ready to eat within just 10-14 days and can be grown all year round. You can easily grown Micro Greens at Home with The Leaf And Clay Beginner’s Micro Green Kit having Twelve different varieties of Seeds. Instead of getting your loved ones another gift, get them a hobby instead. This garden kit makes a fantastic gift choice for men, women and children who have it all, and looking for a fun activity to experiment.

This kit contains nothing but the highest quality gardening supplies available. Our kit includes a detailed guide with all the important tips and gardening hacks, and in case you will have any questions along the way, our gardening experts will be there with you every step of the way to support you and answer any questions.


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Exotic Micro Green Seed Combo contains following :

(A) Micro Green Seeds :

1.Spinach Microgreen Seeds -20 Grams

2. Coriender Khushbu Microgreen Seeds -20 Grams

3. Pak Choy Green Microgreen Seeds -100 seeds

4. Spring Onion Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams

5. Methi Multicut Microgreen Seeds -20 Grams

6. Brocoll Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams

7. Basil Green Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams

8. Choulai(Amaranthus) Red Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams

9. Choulai(Amaranthus) Green Microgreen Seeds -10 Grams

10.Lettuce Grand Microgreen Seeds -100 seeds

11.Pak Choi Red Microgreen Seeds -100 seeds

12.Chinese Cabbage Micro Green Seeds-100 Seeds                                                                                                            (B) A Leaf let with complete Microgreen Utility and Growing Guide