Multiplex Aakarshan for Cucurbits

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Cucumbers, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, gherkins, bottle gourd, snake gourd, beans, Chinese wax gourd, luffa, melons, pumpkins, squashes, watermelon, etc.

Melon or cucurbit flies are major pests of cucurbitaceous vegetables found to cause 30 to 100% loss in yield. Aakarshan for Cucurbit is a cost-effective pheromone trap for surveillance and monitoring of fruit fly bactrocera cucurbitae.This is a unique pheromone trap which consists of rain fast and slow-release lure – having up to 90 days of field life.

SKU: Multiplex Aakarshan for Cucurbits

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DOSAGE & Methods Of Application:
Tie 9 traps for half acre

Time Of Erection:
The traps should be erected at flowering stage

Multiplex Aakarshan for Cucurbits

1 Traps – Rs 110/-