Multiplex NAVTARA(Thiamethoxam 25%WG) 100 Gram


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Multiplex Orthosil contains silica in combination with boron an potassium. It improves resistance to water stress and helps plants to fight temperature stress up to 41 Degree Celcius. It also increases reproductive rate in plants. Silicon in plants helps to increase the tolerance to zinc deficiency.

SKU: Multiplex NAVTARA(Thiamethoxam 25%WG)

MODE OF ACTION AND GROUP : Broad spectrum systemic insecticide, neo-nicotinoid group, contact and stomach poison insecticide.
PRODUCT CATEGORY : Water Dispersible Granule, Foliar Application.
TARGET PESTS : Gall Midge, Leaf Folder, Brown Plant hopper (BPH), White Backed Plant Hopper (WBPH), Green Leaf Hopper (GLH), Thrips, Aphids, Stem Borer, meally bugs.
TARGET CROPS : All crops.
SPECIAL FEATURES : Long lasting effect (up to 20 days) against Sucking Insects.
DOSAGE & Methods Of Application:
0.3 – 0.5 g/litre of water. Thrips, Aphids, Jassids, Whitefly, mealy bugs, Stem Borer, Gall Midge, Leaf Folder, White Backed Plant hoppers, Brown Plant hoppers, Green Leaf Hooper in crops like paddy, cotton, vegetables, etc.

Special Features:
Long lasting effect (up to 20 days) against Sucking Insects.

Multiplex NAVTARA(Thiamethoxam 25%WG)

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