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Active Ingredients: CHLORPYRIPHOS 20% EC
Mode Of Action:
Organophosphate Insecticide group. Non-systemic, broad spectrum contact, stomach and respiratory action.


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DOSAGE & Methods Of Application:
2 – 3 ml/liter of water. It is commonly used in the control of termites, Shoot & Fruit Borer, Stem Borers and Leaf Eating Caterpillars, Hispa, Leaf Roller, Gall Midge, Black Bug, Pod Borer, Cut Worm, Early Shoot and Stalk Borer, Pyrilla, Bollworm, White Fly, Aphids, Root Grub, Diamond Back Moth, Leaf Hopper, and Ground Beetle on a wide range of Crops like Cotton, Pulses, Oilseeds, Paddy, Beans, Gram, Sugarcane, Brinjal, Cabbage, Onion, Apple, Citrus and Tobacco.ACTIVE INGREDIENT : CHLORPYRIPHOS 20%.

PRODUCT CATEGORY : Emulsifiable Concentrate, For foliar spray.
SPECIAL FEATURES : Due to fumigant action highly effective against internal borers and soil dwelling Insects.

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