Nano Nutrient Capsule ( APSR -5.0 Gram )

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Use the Leaf & Clay’s Nano Nutrient Capsule (All Purpose Slow Release- 5.0 Grams) for growth of all your indoor, outdoor, home garden, fruits, vegetables & flowering plants & see the magic in flowering, fruiting, bulbs & root growth as it contains all major & micronutrients in chelated and concentrate form that a plan need for its growth.

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Product Details:

The Leaf & Clay’s Nano Nutrient Capsule ( APSR ) provides all the essential nutrients to plant in chelated and concentrate form and provide Complete plant food.

These Capsules has micronutrients in slow release form hence provide nutrients for long time.

The capsules are best suited for Outdoor plants, Home gardens, Flowering plants, Indoor plants etc.

It promotes lush green foliage in plants.

Most of the nutrients are in chelated form- Readily absorbable form.

Mixing the tablet in water ensures uniform distribution of fertilizers at the plant root zone.


Where to use: 

Fruit Crops
Vegetable Crops
Flowering Plants
Indoor Plants


How to use:

Step 1 . Mix 1 Capsule in 5.0 Liter pf Water(Mix well).

Step 2. Spray well on both sides of Leaves of all Plants.

Step 3 . Repeat once in 15- 20 days.

Variations Available

Pack of 5 capsules – Rs.250, Pack of 10 capsules – Rs.450