Neem Oil Pesticide [250 ml]


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Neem Pesticides (AZADIRACTIN-O .03%)


This is neem oil based EC containing AZADIRACHTIN 0.03% W/W min
This bio-pesticide acts as contact, systemic and insect growth regulator
Product Category: Emulsifiable Concentrate, Foliar Spray
Controls plant hoppers, leaf hoppers (e.g. brown plant hopper in rice) pod/fruit borers in fruits, vegetables and cereals, caterpillars and moths, thrips, beetle, plant bugs, gall midges, fruit flies, white flies, grass hoppers, locusts, aphids, psyllids and scale insects in agricultural & hotricultural crops
Special Features: Acts as Antifeedant, Repellant, Sterillant, Eco-friendly Bio-Pesticide without any residual effect and does not allow pests to develop resistance Frequent sprays can be given as prophylactic measure
Dosage: Dissolve @ 5 ml of MultiNeem in 1 Litre of Water and Spray on plants.

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