New TL&C Welcome Spring & Summer Flower Seeds Combo


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The Leaf & Clay’s -Welcome Spring & Summer Flower Seeds pack contains as follows:
1. Ornamental Multicolour Corn – Summer Seed
2. Portulaca Grandiflora Double Mix
3. Merigold Gulzafri Orange Seed
4. French Merigold Double Scarlet Seeds
5. Zinnia Elegance Lilliput Mix Summer Seed
6. Zinnia EleganceOrange Summer Seed
7. Coleus Blumei Rainbow Mix- Summer Seed
8. Capsicum Purple Bell- Summer Seed
9. Capsicum Orange Bell- Summer Seed
10. Cosmos Bright Light Mix- Summer Seed
11. Galardia Arista Mix- Summer Seed
12. Gomphrena Choice Mix- Summer Seed
13. Balsam Tom Thumb Mix-Summer Seed
14. Capsicum Red Wonder – Summer season Seed
15. Vinnaca Rosea Red Cherry(Sda Bahar) – Summer season Flower Seed
16. Sunflower Helianthus Teddy Bear – Summer season Flower Seed
17. Daisy Double Mix – Summer Seed
18. Capsicum Yellow Wonder – Summer season Seed
19. French Marigold Double Orange -Mild Summer season Flower Seed
20. French Marigold Double Yellow -Mild Summer season Flower Seed

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