NPK: 12:61:0 (Water Soluble Fertilize )


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It is a 100% water soluble Mono Ammonium Phophate complex fertilizer containing Phosphorus and Nitrogen in the ratio 12:61:00. The Phosphorus and Nitrogen are in easily soluble and available form. It easily dissolves in water without leaving any residues. On dissolution, ammonium and phosphate ions are released immediately and are easily absorbed by the plants. This improves root, shoot growth along with health of plants. Phosphorus and Nitrogen are structural components of cell and cell organelles. They play vital role in photosynthesis, activation of several enzymes required by plants and energy transfer within the plants. The ammonium ion reduces the pH of the soil surrounding root zone which facilitates quick absorption and uptake of phosphorus.

SKU: NPK: 12:61:0 (Water Soluble Fertilize )

Dosage: Dissolve 4 to 5 gms of Fertilizer in one litre of water and spray on plants.

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