Organic Flower Booster & Yiels Enhancer (Homobrassinolide 0.04% w/w)


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It is an Organic Flower Booster & Yields Enhancer (Homobrassinolide 0.04% w/w) developed by Godrej Agrovet. It is derived from Mustard Flowers. It Develops resistance in plants From Stress Such as Drought, Frost Injury. It controls the fall of Flowers & promotes pollen germination, fertilization, fruit set, and yield.

SKU: PGH0001

Direction for Use: Dissolve only 1.0 ML Flower booster per liter of water and spray on plants during branching, flowering & fruit set time, get fantastic results in Fruit setting, and increase the Fruit size & yield. Don’t exceed the dose of 1.0 ML/Litre water.



Available Units

20 ML – RS.129, 100 ML – Rs. 499