Exfoliated Perlite


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Perlite (Horticulture Grade)

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Expanded Perlite is a unique inorganic addition to amend the heavy soils to make them light weight while still retaining moisture and nutrients. This high quality product is widely loved by gardeners for its benefits.
Expanded perlite is wonderful inorganic product made up of volcanic soil. Perlite improves soils draining capacity while still retaining moisture.This is suitable for plants in pots and ground and can be used indoors, in terrace gardening, kitchen gardens etc.
The principal value of perlite in any potting medium is providing aeration and improving water drainage. The surface area of perlite particles contains tiny cavities that hold moisture while the particles themselves create tunnels in the mixture that allow air and water to flow freely to the roots. These properties make it helpful for gardening. perlite lightens the mixture and improves aeration and drainage perlite is also used with hydroponic systems worldwide, with crop production.Good for potting mixes and as a stand-alone soil less medium.

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