Plant Growth Booster(Set of 5)


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Plant Growth Booster [Set of 5, each Containing 50.0 Grams]

The quality of growing media decides the quality of Plants. The Soil in the pot is the main source of nutrients for plants. It is very difficult to get good soil media for plants, if at all you get the soil, it might not contain the required nutrients in it. In order to provide good quality soil media with required nutrient, organic matter, organic pesticide and fungicides, The Leaf & Clay introduces Plant Growth Booster which contains all that a plant need for healthy growth, flowering & fruiting. Now see the Magic of L&C’s Plant Growth booster results & enjoy Happy Gardening life at your Home. All the products are organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.


Each Pack contains a organic mixture of –
(1) Multi Micronutrients Fertilizers – required by plant such as -Zinc,Iron,Mangenese,Copper,Boron & Molibdenum in organic form and in easily dissolve and absorbale form.These helps the Plant to grow healthier and greener. It develops disese resistance in plants.
(2) Neem Cake Organic Fertilizer-It is an excellent Organic Fertilizer & and also acts as pest repellent for all plants.It contain high level of Neem’s active ingradient “Azadirachtin;which protects the root of plant from Nematodes,termites,fungi,bacteria & other soil -born disease.
(3)Tricontenol GR 0.05%-This contains plant growth hormone Triacontanol–0.05%G.Triacontanol hormones in plants is responsible for boosting growth.This increases photosynthetic activity, improves plant height and number of branches.It increases flower and fruit setting, imparts attractive color to the produce and increases yield.
(4) Mycorrhizal Biofertilizers-It increases root proliferation therepy, increase in nutrient & water uptake. It improves the Soil health and mobilizes nutrients in general & especially phosphorus to plant.
(5) Multi Micro Nutrient Fertilizer in Chelated Form-This contains micronutrients Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper in chelated form and Boron & Molybdenum in non-chelated form and it is available in powder formulation. It keeps the crops healthy and imparts resistance to plant diseasesIt also protects crops from environmental stress, rectifies deficiency symptoms, improves quality of produce and yield.
(6) Organic Fungicide- Tricoderma Viridi 1% WP & Pseudomonas- 0.5% WP,
(7) Bio- Pesticide(Bacillus Thuringlensis Var.Kurtsaki 5% WP
(8) Bactericide( Bromo 2 Nitro-Propane- 1,3 Diol; 95 % w/w)It is an anti-bacterial or anti-biotic,Immunomodulator,controls all bacterial disease in soil & plants,
(9) Green Booster(Growth & Yield Enhancer)-It is a mixture containing all major nutrients derived from organic source which is enriched with Humic acid,Fulvic acid and Amino acid.
(10) Exfoliated Vermiculite(Horticulture Grade) – It is beneficial to use in soil as it enhance aeration in soil and prevents root rot while still retaining moisture and nutrients.
(11) Exfoliated Perlite (Horticulture Grade)-It is a unique inorganic addition to amend the heavy soils to make them light weight while still retaining moisture and nutrients.
(12 )Bio-Extract Organic Fertilizers(GR): This is extracted from sea-weed and contains humic acid, mixture of amino acids, triacontanol and traces of micronutrients. It is available in granular form.It helps crops to withstand transplantation shock and improves absorption of applied nutrient.

How to Use:
(1) Simply mix one packet of Plant Growth Booster in 10.0 Kg Garden Soil (Sufficient for medium size Pot) before sowing or transplanting .
(2) Apply one packet of Plant Growth Booster after one month of sowing/transplantation. Apply water immediately.