Summer Season easy to grow 13 Vegetable Seed Pack


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The Leaf & Clay’s -Summer Season Pack contains as follows:
1. Spinach All Green Vegetable Seeds (पालक)
2. Methi Kasturi(Nagori) Desi Vegetable Seeds (मैथी)
3. Choulai(Amaranthus) Red Edible Desi Vegetable Seeds (चोवलाई लाल )
4. Bhendi/Okra Seed (भिन्डी
5. Tomato Pusa Ruby ( टमाटर )
6. Coriender Kalmi Vegetable Seeds (धनिया )
7. Long Green Chili Seeds (मिर्च )
8. Brinjal Purple Long -Desi Vegetable Seeds ( बेंगन लंबे )
9. Bitter Gourd -Desi Vegetable Seeds ( करेला बीज )
10. Bottle Gourd -Desi Vegetable Seeds (लोकी बीज )
11. Tinda -Desi Vegetable Seeds (टिंडा बीज ) 12. Ridge Gourd Jaipuri Long Turai Seeds(जयपुरी तुरई ) 13. Clusterbean-Guar Pusa Navbahar Seed (ग्वार पूसा नवबहार बीज )

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