Multiplex-Samaras (Plant Bio Activator-a MIXTURE OF 17 NATURAL Amino Acids)


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This is a mixture of 17 natural amino acids, extracted from plant source.
This acts as natural chelating agent and enhances the uptake of major, secondary and micronutrients.
This enhances drought resistance, improves flower & fruit setting.
It promotes enzymatic activities, protein synthesis and increases the photosynthetic activity in plants.
It can be used on all crops.

SKU: terra-sorb-foliar-a-godrej-agrovet-product-save-your-plant-from-frost-stress-condition

Dissolve 2–3 ml in a liter of water and spray on both the surfaces of leaves.

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250 ML – Rs. 145/-, 500 ML – Rs. 270, 1.0 Liter – Rs.490/-