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With fast depleting potting mixes, it makes sense financially and environmentally to start rejuvenating old potting soil instead of replacing it all every season. Potting soil consists of a variety of ingredients that promote healthy plant growth, such as peat moss, sphagnum moss, or ground bark, as well as minerals such as perlite or vermiculite. Some types of potting soil contain compost while others include slow-release fertilizer. Fresh, high-quality potting soil is expensive and is often discarded or added to the compost pile after a single year. However, there are ways to effectively extend the life of potting soil. Potting soils are not cheap, let’s look at ways that we can reuse old, spent potting mix to save money in our garden. Yes, you can use the old soil in your pots, planters, and raised beds. Just start the season with a special boost that ensures good results. With a couple of ingredients, you can transform depleted soil into fertile ground for whatever you want to plant. We have ways to revitalize and recharge the soil from our old containers from last year into a brand new potting mix, just as good as any new potting mix. For recharging or revitalizing this old potting is to simply add back to them lost nutrients and soil texture that make again this potting mix so great in the first place by adding 1/3 part of TL&C Natural & Organic Revitalizing Nutrients Mix in 2/3 part of old potting mix or Soil.

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1. Remove dead plants, roots, and other plant debris from the pot. Dump the potting mix into a bucket. 2. Make several small holes in the bottom of a bucket or plastic container, using a nail or a drill. Dump the potting mix into a bucket with drain holes. 3 Fill the bucket with water and then allow it to drain. Repeat a second time. Flooding the potting soil leaches out salts and minerals left behind by repeated watering and fertilizing. 4 Spread the old potting soil on a plastic sheet. Place the sheet in bright sunlight and leave it until the soil is completely dry, it may take 1-2 days. Stir the soil occasionally so that it dries evenly. 5 It may be possible soil was affected by insects or infections, If you are concerned about pests or bacterial infections in your soil, Mix the Leaf & Clay’s BIO PESTICIDES(Bacillus Thuringlensis Var.Kurtsaki 5% WP and Fungicide -Trichoderma Viridi 1% WP & Pseudomonas- 0.5% WP( Given in separate packet) to destroy larvas or eggs of pests and bacterial,fungal & nematodes present in old potting mix. 6. Mix the TL&C Natural & Organic Revitalizing Nutrients Mix (1/3 part) in above old dry potting soil(2/3 part ), mix it thoroughly by using a hand fork. 7. Store the recharged potting soil in a container such as a cardboard box, clean trash can, or plastic container. Label the container with an indelible marker. Let the potting soil cure for two weeks before use. With a little bit of time and less effort than you think you just might save yourself money and also make your farm a little more self-sufficient along the way.

(1) Coco Peat Powder – It is soil-less media with high water holding capacity, it improves the water holding capacity of old potting mix.
(2) Organic Vermi Compost- It improves soil texture, improves the physical condition of old soil, and makes poor soil usable by improving soil aeration, root growth, and structure.
(3) Mycorrhizal Biofertilizers-It increases root proliferation therapy, increase nutrient & water uptake. It improves Soil health and mobilizes nutrients in general & especially phosphorus to plant (4)Exfoliated Perlite (Horticulture Grade)-Expanded Perlite is a unique inorganic addition to amend the heavy & old soils to make them lightweight while still retaining moisture and nutrients. It is a wonderful inorganic product made up of volcanic soil. It improves soil draining capacity while still retaining moisture. Soil drops pH regularly. Perlite increases the pH of alkaline soils and if you need to boost by a lot
(5) Exfoliated Vermiculite(Horticulture Grade) – It is beneficial to use in the soil as it enhances aeration in soil and prevents root rot while still retaining moisture and nutrients.
(6) Neem Cake Organic Fertilizer -It is an excellent Organic Fertilizer & and also acts as a pest repellent for all plants. It contains a high level of Neem’s active ingredient “Azadirachtin; which protects the root of the plant from Nematodes, termites, fungi, bacteria & another soil-borne disease
(7) Mustard Cake Fertilizer– It is a rich source of Nitrogen and a good source of both Potassium and Phosphorus. It is also a good source of Sulphur, Magnesium, Manganese, and Zinc.
(8) Multi Micro Nutrient Fertilizer in Chelated Form-This contains micronutrients Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron & Molybdenum in chelated form. It keeps the crops healthy and imparts resistance to plant diseases. It also protects crops from environmental stress, rectifies deficiency symptoms, improves the quality of produce and yield.
(9 )Sea Weed Extract(GR): This is extracted from seaweed and contains humic acid, a mixture of amino acids, triacontanol, and traces of micronutrients.
(10) The blend of various beneficial bacteria like nitrogen fixers (Azotobacter and Azospirillium), phosphate solubilizers and potash mobilizers-It helps in fixing nitrogen, solubilizing, and mobilizing Phosphorus and potassium respectively, and increases crop yield. Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria.

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