Trichoderma Harzianum(A Bio Fungicide)


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Use 2-3 gms in 1 Litre of water for a large size pot (For 10-15 Kg Potting Soil). Do it once a month.

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It is Bio-product to control plant-parasitic Nematodes. It effectively controls soil-borne pathogens causing wilt disease & root rot disease of plants. This contains mycelial mat conidia spores of fungi Paecilomyces liIacinus and Trichoderma harzianum in high concentration embedded in a special carrier material and is highly effective in controlling all types of plant-parasitic nematodes. it improves nodulation in the leguminous crops. It improves uptake of water and plant nutrients, thus improves crop health & yield. Keeps the plant root healthy. It Kills Root-knot nematodes, Cyst nematodes, Burrowing nematodes, Citrus nematodes, Potato cyst nematodes, Rice root nematodes, and Stunt nematodes

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