Water Soluble NPK Fertilizers (1 Kg)


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The Leaf & Clay’s Water Soluble NPK Fertilizers(19:19:19)- 1.0 Kg @ Rs 460 /Pkt

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It containing NPK in the ratio of 19:19:19,is 100% water soluble Fertilizers and can be used as Folier spray or fertigation. Due to various soil factors, soil applied NPK fertilizers will be fixed apart loss due to leaching. Thus nutrients will go beyond the reach of the plants. Quantity required for soil application will be higher. Application of nutrients through fertigation and folier spray will be economical and is quickly available to the plants through roots and leaves respectively. It increases the yield both quality & quantity.

Direction for Use: Dissolve 5 GRAMS in 1 liter water and spray on both the surface of leaves. Do it once in a month

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