Window Rectangular Terracotta Garden Planter with Tray (41.0 CM)


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Window Square Terracotta Garden Planter (24.2 CM)
Height 18 CM
Upper Length-41 CM
Upper Breadth-19 CM
Drainage Holes -NA

Upper Length-40 CM
Breadth-19 CM

SKU: PP0022

These Pots are manufactured using Virgin Plastic, light in weight, with large drain holes. These Pots are suitable for Flowering Plants, Vegetable plants, Greens, and Herbs. These Planters are UV protected and can be used indoor or outdoors. Our one packet of Organic Potting mix(5.0 Kg) is sufficient for this pot, Garden Soil can be added with this Potting Mix. All the seeds that we sell can be easily accommodated in these planters. Organic Potting mix

Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, camera angle etc.

Variations Available

1 Planter, Set of 3 Planter, Set of 6 Planter